Prix Fixe


Dinner Menu


Harira Soup | V

Tomato. Chickpeas. Lentils. Kidney Beans. Moroccan Spices.

Beet Salad | V

Mixed Beets. Goat Cheese. Cherry Tomatoes. Spring Mix.

Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

+ 5oz Steak 10 | Grilled Chicken 6 | Shrimp 7 | 

Carrot & Chickpea Salad | V

Chickpeas. Carrot. Bell Peppers. Raisin. Cilantro. Lemon.

+ 5oz Steak 10 | Grilled Chicken 6 | Shrimp 7 | 

Housemade Hummus & Pita V

Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Olives. Pita.

Eggplant ZaaloukV

Roasted Eggplant. Tomatoes. Red Peppers. Olive Oil. Pita.

Spice Roasted Cauliflower | V

Chermoula Marinated Cauliflower. Lemon Tahini Aioli. Almonds.


Ground Beef. Raisins. Cashews. Pastry. Chipotle Aioli.

Crab Cakes

Moroccan Spices. Chermoula Aioli. Harissa Aioli.

Coconut Shrimp

Spring Mix. Pomegranate Aioli. 

 Prix Fixe menu starts at $55 per person from Sunday to Thursday and $65 per person on Friday and Saturday.


This includes a selection of Appetizer, Entree or Tagine and Dessert


Berber Grilled Chicken 

Spiced Chicken Breast. Mashed Potato. Grilled Vegetables.

Yogurt Chermoula Sauce.


Braised Lamb Freekeh 

Lamb Shank. Ancient Grains Freekah. Sautéed Vegetables. Toasted Cashews.


Rack of Lamb | +12

Grilled Rack of Lamb. Pomegranate Honey Glaze. Mash Potato. Sautéed Vegetables. 


Crusted Filet Mignon | +12 

10oz Filet Mignon. Moroccan Spice Crust. Au Jus. Sautéed Vegetables.

Moroc Frites or Mash Potato.


Moroccan Beef Stew 

Tender Beef. Carrots. Chickpeas. Raisins. Kalamata Olives. Toasted Almonds. 

Samak Chermoula 

Chermoula Salmon. Cous-Cous. Chickpeas. Pepperonata. Grilled Lemon.

Shrimp Provencial 

Tiger Shimp. Cherry Tomatoes. Olives. Roasted Garlic. Potatoes. Fresh Herbs.

Penne a la Maroccaine V

Roasted Red Peppers. Tomatoes. Rosé Ras el Hanout Cream. Artichoke. Olives.

+ Moroccan Meat Balls 8 | Merguez Sausage 6 | Grilled Chicken 6 | Shrimp 7 | 


Served in a traditional earthware dish accompanied by saffron rice

Chicken Tajine 

Artichoke. Peperonata. Olives. Toasted Almonds. Preserved Lemon.

Merguez Tajine 

Lamb Sausage. Harissa. Chermoula. Peperonata.

Meatball Tajine

Moroccan Meat Balls. White Kidney Beans. Marinara. 

Seafood Tajine

Tiger Shrimp. Bay Scallops. Calamari. Spiced Tomato Sauce.

Primavera Tajine | V

Chickpeas. Artichoke. Peperonata. Apricot. Toasted Almonds



Phyllo Pastry. Walnuts. Pistachios. Orange Blossom Drizzle.

Creme Brûlée 

Vanilla Custard. Caramelized Sugar.

Chocolate Cake  

Spiced Orange Syrup.

Additions & Sides

Arabic Bread  | 4 | 

Couscous  | 4 | 

Saffron Rice  | 4 | 

Mixed Vegetables | 4 | 

Marinated Olives | 4 | 

Moroc Frites  | 6 | 

House Harissa Hot Sauce | Complimentary |

Kids Menu

Chicken Tenders and Moroc Frites | 14 |

Mac N' Cheese | 12 | V

No children under 12 are allowed inside The Tent dining area on Friday and Saturday.   Under 12 is only allowed in Cafe Maroc.

V - Vegetarian | All of our Lamb, Chicken, and Beef is Halal | Please notify your server of any dietary restrictions.