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Welcome to Sultana Academy

Discover the magic of Belly Dance with The Sultan's Tent first ever Dance Academy! Belly Dance is a sensual art form that women all around the world have enjoyed for thousands of years. Our belly dancing classes will teach you the basics of belly dancing, beautiful choreography and how to use exciting props, all while strengthening & toning your muscles. 

Our classes are taught by our very own belly dancer, Gabriela of AbunDance Academy. Her cheerful dance style and unique musical interpretation have made her a sought after performer in the Middle East Community.

Unleash your spirit and join us at Sultana Academy!

Note: We offer online and in-person classes.

Our in-person classes are at 511 Mount Pleasant Road, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M4S 2M2.



$25 per class

$100 per 5 classes

$189 per 10 classes


In Studio Schedule


6pm Beginner Belly Dance

7pm Belly Dance Props (veil, cane, etc)

8pm Advanced Belly Dance


10am Beginner Belly Dance

12pm Intermediate Belly Dance


Online Schedule


7pm All Levels Belly Dance


12pm All Levels Belly Dance

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